Copyrights protect original works of aurthorship set forth upon a tangible medium. These include: photographs, artwork, audio-visual works, recordings, writings, software, web-sites, circuit design, architecture, sculptures, and others. Even your own likeness and image may be subject to certain copyright and perhpas even trademark protection.


Some important things to remember about copyright law:


Software - Developing software can be a very time consuming and expensive endeavor.  Make sure that your software is properly protected.  It is important to make sure that your developers are not copying others code without permission, and beware of your developers using any "open source" code.  Sometimes when using open source code you are subject to the licenses associated with them, which can jeopardize the ability to fully protect your developed software.  Contact Iussa Law for more details.


Images - Often times when constructing web sites, you or your developers may copy images from the internet.  Caution should be used when doing this as you may be violating the copyrights of others.  


Videos - As with images, when using videos for your commercial applications, use caution to assure that you have the proper permission to do so.


While the above types of copyright are important, all copyrightable matters may have special concerns associated with them.  Contact Iussa Law today for more information.



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