What are the costs?


Iussa Law is structured to provide Intellectual Property services that are competitive in the Intellectual Property market.  We have the capability to provide services to accomodate almost any legal budget, and we will work with you to cost effectively accomplish your IP goals.


While we generally bill our services at an hourly rate, we routinely work with our clients to provide services for flat fees or a combination of flat fees and hourly billing.  For high volume work, we are happy to customize our costs and billing to provide services at a fixed contract price.  We also pride ourselves on providing work according to the requirements of your in-house counsel.   

Patent Costs

There are many costs that accompany pursuing a patent.  In addition to the fees that we charge for our services, there are other costs associated with each Patent. Be wary of other entities that post all inclusive fees, they are subject to all of the following as well.


These include:



  • Patent Search Fees - While we provide basic patent searching services, like most other law firms we rely on experienced, third party patent search companies that specialize in patent searches.  Once we receive the results, we review and provide a detailed report regarding the results and how they are relevant to your matter.  Although not required, patent searches can aid greatly in securing your patent rights. 


  • Government Filing Fees - These are non-refundable filing fees that the government charges to review and process your patent application.  


  • Draftsperson Fees - Most patents include figures and these figures must be drafted to conform to the Patent rules.  We have draftspeople that can properly prepare your figures.


  • Prosecution Fees - Although we may prepare and file your patent application, that's not the end of the story.  Most importantly your patent will still need to be prosecuted, which is the back and forth communication and/or arguments made with the USPTO once they review your patent.

    • Prosecution is very important to your technology and ultimately determines the scope of your patent protection.  It is thus very important to appreciate the skill and experience of your IP attorney.


  • Maintenance Fees -  Yes, once you receive a patent (utility), you have to pay additional maintenance fees at the 4, 8, and 12 year issue anniversary of your patent.  


  • PCT Fees - If your patent strategy includes filing outside of the US as well, you should budget for significant legal and govt. fees for each country/region that you pursue patent protection.  


  • Patent Policing - Your patent is not of much value if you do not police your technology against those that may be infringing on it. And of course there are costs to review such matters and/or follow up against possible infringing entities.


As you can see, there are many other costs associated with obtaining a patent apart from the fees for our services. While our goal is not to discourage pursuing patents based upon the costs associated with them, it is our goal to inform you of the costs.  And there may be other costs not detailed here depending on the specifics of your case.


For more information regarding costs, please contact us directly.






Trademark Costs

Like Patents, there are many costs that accompany pursuing a trademark as well.  









  • Trademark Search Fees - We can search at the start-up of your business or product to determine if your developed marks have the best opportunity to stand strong.  


  • Government Filing Fees - Similar to Patents, the government charges non-refundable filing fees to review and process your trademark application. 


  • Design Fees - If you need assistance designing a great logo, tag-line, or even the trademark name itself, we have relationships with many great designers at competitive rates to help you develop them.


  • Prosecution Fees - Again, although we may file your trademark application, there may be additional back and forth communication and/or arguments that we may have to make on your behalf to get your trademark application allowed.


  • Maintenance/Renewal Fees - Just like patents, trademarks are subject to regular renewal and other fees.  


  • International Trademark Fees - If you offer your goods/services outside of the US, you may wish to secure trademark protection in other countries. 


  • Trademark Policing - It is your responsibility to police your marks to assure that others are not using your trademarks in an infringing/confusing manner to the public.  



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