Iussa Law is committed to helping you obtain the valuable patent rights from your technological research and development. We understand the significant time, energy, human resources, and money that goes into developing and bringing to life your inventions and ideas. That is why we work to fully develop concepts and provide feedback so that the broadest patent rights may be secured.

     Patents and even the applications themselves go a long way to help you protect the rights to your concepts.  If you need to file a provisional, non-provisional, PCT, design or other types of patents, please contact us to discuss your particular circumstances and/or for us to help you develop a patent strategy the best suits the goals of your business.


     Iussa Law can assist you with not only preparing and filing your patents, but with all aspects of patents such as:  


  • Patent Searches - We can conduct patentability searches to determine what the current state of the art is for your idea, or we can carry out clearance searches to make sure that you are not infringing on others patents.


  • Patent Prosecution - Have you already filed a patent and are now receiving communications/office actions, we can pick up the matter and help you respond accordingly.


  • Due Diligence - Are you investing in or purchasing a company that has a portfolio of patents, if so we can carry out the due diligence on your behalf to determine the extent and status of the patents. Perhaps your own portfolio is going to be reveiwed; we can assist with appropriate counseling and a proactive action plan. 


  • Dispute Resolution - Do you believe someone is infringing on your patents, or is an entity accusing you of infringing on their patents? We can review the circumstances and counsel you accordingly. Although we do not litigate, often times contentious matters can be resolved by a thorough review of the facts and circumstances, and working with the parties to resolve the matter.  Iussa Law has resolved many issues for clients.  However, if litigation may be warranted, we have relatationships with many outstanding litigators that specialize in Patent litigation.



    For larger entities or corporations, Iussa Law has experience working with in-house counsel to aide the legal department at their direction and carry out the day to day patent work.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss the particulars needed, and for high volume work we are happy to negotiate custom billing and pricing strategies.  



WARNING! Individuals, small businesses or newcomers to Patent Law, before you disclose any of your ideas to the public or third parties it is imperative that you first determine whether you wish to patent your concept and have on file at least a provisional patent application. Without doing so, you may unwittingly waive certian patent rights that are unrecoverable.  Please contact Iussa Law before disclosing any inventive ideas or materials if you are uncertain about the consequences of doing so.  




Need to File a Patent Quickly?

If you feel you have immediate patent filing needs, we are happy to discuss your circumstances and options. Give us a call or send us an e-mail using the "Quick File" button here for an immediate response.

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