While protecting your ideas and inventions is critical, protecting your name and image is equally important. Iussa Law has the experience to help you develop a trademark strategy that effectively secures your trademark rights. For your established marks, we can help protect them from infringers that confuse the public, and who may try to trade upon, taint or dilute your good name. Iussa Law can also assist in all facets of your new marks and even assist in the optimal selection of word marks and logo designs.
Word Marks


Word marks are essential for your company's branding strategy.  They may be plain or stylized, either way it is important that they convey in the mind of the consumer a distinct image of your company's goods and/or services.


Iussa Law can counsel you on the appropriate usage, development, and enforcement of your word marks.  You don't want others to be confused with you, and you don't want be confused with others.  


Contact us today before you start using any developed marks to prevent any issues in the future.  Having to change your name or the names of your products/services can be disastrous to your business.  Even selecting a domain name should be cleared for tradeamark implications.



Logos can be just as important as your word marks.  They impart an image to the consumer regarding the source and/or quality of the goods and services.


When you see the "Golden Arches" or view the "Swoosh" on althletic foot wear, they convey certain meaning to the average consumer.


Your logo should do the same.  And Iussa Law has relationships with great designers to help you if needed.



Tag Lines


Tag lines are another part of trademarks that gives consumers a distinct image about your company and the goods and/or services you offer.


When you see or hear "I'm lovin it" or "Just do it", no more needs to be explained for you to understand the companies associated with those tag lines.


Although not necessary, they are a fun way to communicate with consumers about who your company is or what they have to offer.


"TM" or "®" 

We are often asked to explain the difference between using the "TM" or "®" with trademarks.  The "TM" is used when claiming trademark rights to a particular word mark, logo or tag-line, whereas the "®" is used only when that word mark, logo or tag-line is actually registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  So if you want federal protection and the rights that accompany them, contact Iussa Law so we can counsel you and prepare and file your trademark applications.

Need to File a Trademark Quickly?

If you feel you have immediate trademark filing needs, we are happy to discuss your circumstances and options.  Give us a call or send us an e-mail using the "Quick File" button here for an immediate response.

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